Photography is a wonderful medium but even at its best, it can only hint at what really exists. The difference between a snapshot and a work of art is that art evokes. It helps you see more and be more. Precisely what is summoned is hard to control. There is an artist in each of us that filters and colors our world. Our complex emotions mediate our senses. Our overall sense of being depends on innumerable details and distractions, but deep inside, one's spiritual attitude and philosophical background influence one's perceptions.

With a decade’s experience in graphic design, a huge part of our passion for photography stems from the idea of creating images that will last centuries and influence the lives of many people. It originates from our deep love for people and our perception that all things are beautiful in life. We believe that there is a magical and sacred element to each person, place or thing in the universe and if one were to look carefully, they will find its beauty. We love to create images that help people to ‘see’ in a whole new dimension. Even the most ordinary moments or objects can be part of a profound beauty. In our words, “A nice shot looks gorgeous but ‘dead’; a good shot is one that projects emotions in the perceiver.”

Photography is an art that grants us the opportunity to capture a moment in time. From that moment, we can see how lives have changed, and which aspects have remained indelibly the same. Photography is an art – the art of celebration and observation of a life’s character, spirit, and expression. Our intimate yet carefree style allows you to capture the real moments of your life and present them like the unfolding pages of a story book, a unique story of your life.

Journalistic Wedding Photography

Weddings are filled with moments that reveal love, emotions, commitments, and traditions, as well as all of the unexpected nuances that make your day uniquely yours. An unobtrusive journalistic approach is used to create a photographic story that narrates your wedding day; by capturing the day as it naturally unfolds using candid, documentary and still-life imagery. Like a story teller, relating the love of the blissful couple. By capturing events as they naturally happen and keeping formals to a minimum, couples usually find the captured images true, genuine and heart-warming. Couples also find that such a style better preserves the memory of their big day, by allowing them to reminiscence their special day decades later.

Many wedding shots are done in a standardized fashion that does not reflect the true individuality of the couple. There are a lot of very fine retail photographers who capture nice standard shots for ‘packaged’ weddings. However, this is not our photographic style. Because we treat each wedding photography assignment as a distinct and exclusive experience rather than a job, ensuring that the final product is uniquely yours.


To see things. To enjoy simple things. That little reflection of water from a clear glass. The postures of two persons engaged in animated conversation. The way the morning light created shapes and shadows. And in the process, if we can preserve and make an intimate image of those things, we will be extremely grateful.

We understand that "A photographer is not primarily interested in photography. He is primarily interested in life. And the camera is his tool to record the things that move him. If there is no camera, he will paint. If there is no paint, he will draw. He may construct a poem about the things he love and care for in life.”

We create images by an instinctive impulse. It is what moves us at that very moment in time. To us, a beautiful picture may not necessarily be a good ‘standards’ picture, but a picture that is able to breathe life, a picture capable of speaking, yes….to be able to stir in your heart a certain emotion. It need not be a sharp image, even an out-of-focus image appeals to us. It is our impulses, honed by our past personal experiences that things are not always clear and are often with indistinct boundaries. A sense of mystery….


Our work is a representation of things to be cherished…. people, places, moments, feelings and emotions. Our forte is in journalistic wedding photography and fine-arts/lifestyle photography – photographs that evoke laughter, tears and life-affirming insights into love and devotion, of beauty and of truth.

We invite you to explore and discover our world of photography where together, we can create art, capturing the day one moment at a time and celebrating your life’s evolving changes.

"Simplicity in character, in manner, in style " – IN OTHER WORDS.